BC Hydro Powersmart Audits

BC Hydro Powersmart Audits and Retrofits

If energy bills have caused you to wonder if your facility is running as efficiently as it could, a BC Hydro Powersmart Energy Audit is the first step in making a correction.

We will analyze your entire facility and it’s systems, providing you with a breakdown of how energy is being used. With knowledge of low efficiency areas, Mustang will work with you to prioritize the steps for achieving better power efficiency and long term savings.

Once a plan for upgrades has been established, we will propose options and related costs to help you make well informed choices. Building a solid case for Powersmart Energy updates includes:

  • Assessment of the options
  • Calculation of energy savings (real dollars back in your pocket)
  • Implementation costs


With over 50 years of experience we can help you with all of your electrical installation needs.

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