Infrared Thermography

Infrared thermography allows us to uncover problems that are affecting the efficiency and integrity of the electrical system at your facility.  As these problems are almost always “hidden”, they can be potentially very costly and even dangerous. The best way to avoid down time, and eliminate fire and safety risks is to expose the weaknesses sooner than later.  Infrared Thermography is a great tool in discovering the state of your electrical equipment.

Thermography is a diagnostic technique that shows, graphically the variation in surface temperature of your electrical systems. An infrared detector helps us find unforeseen problems and ensures the integrity of your electrical system while reducing potential costly down time, fire or safety risks. Infrared thermography is an invaluable tool in determining the condition of electrical equipment. The sensors in these special cameras convert electromagnetic thermal energy that we can’t see into visible light on a digital image that we can see. Thermal imaging helps us detect equipment flaws, and pinpoint “hotspots” that need attention.

Thermography scans should be taken during peak hours of operation, when the highest usage of your system will reveal every point of concern. With infrared thermography we gain insight into the workings of all major electrical components such as bus connections, overheating breakers, switches, fuzes, and other electrical apparatus

Once the Thermography scans are done, we will provide you with a report detailing our findings, and provide suggestions for electrical upgrades and maintenance.

Benefits of Infrared Thermography:

  • reduce overall costs of operation
  • reduce or eliminate chance of downtime due to system failures
  • increase life of electrical components
  • increase safety for your employees
  • peace of mind


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